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Our mission

 Calming My Storm is a New Jersey nonprofit organization that works to help people with concussions and migraines thrive. Our mission is to support people with concussions and migraines through expert interviews and advice, educational resources, and personal narratives. We hope to help you find ways to continue to achieve your goals and reach for your dreams on your road to recovery.

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Calming My Storm: Aanya Patel starts a nonprofit

Calming My Storm: Aanya Patel copes with migraine & TBI by starting a nonprofit
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Interview with BraEasy

Below is our recent interview with Rachel Whittaker, founder, and CEO of BraEasy, an adaptive fashion brand that works to empowers women with disabilities by creating a bra that can be used with only one hand. What is your role at BraEasy? Inventor and business owner of BraEasy.   What is the story behind BraEasy?  When...
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