Letters to my old brain #2

Dear 2017 and before.
It’s me, you. I want you to hear this and listen closely. It will be okay. It will not feel like it for a very long time, you are going to lose friends and miss out on experiences. You will be in so much pain, and I will not say it’s worth it, but I will say that it will be okay.
Sure it’s hard missing out on high school but you will graduate on time. You will even speak about your experiences! It will be hard, harder than anything you’ve ever done, and hopefully will do, but you can do it. You will find things to get you through like forensic science podcasts, your best friend, your mom and dad, brother, and extended family. You will learn that there are so many people who love you and are ready to help you, and they may not be who you thought but they are there. You will learn not to take things for granted, school is a blessing that is something you will miss so much. Even homework. It will break your heart not to dance but you will find your passion for forensics. It will be okay. You will get back to it all, dancing, color guard, marching band, school, just in a different way. Your view and life will never be the same after 11/1/2017, but you will be okay. You will find a community of people like you, and answers for why you are always in pain (you don’t just complain a lot, you aren’t dramatic). You will be okay. I keep saying this because you need to hear it whether you know it yet or not. You will be traumatized, but don’t be ashamed. Remember, “owning your story is the bravest thing you can ever do” Brené Brown. Be strong, be kind to yourself.
In Omnia Paratus.

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