Dear Old Brain,
You are powerful.
You are amazing.
Do not underestimate yourself.
Remember to believe in three things
1.The power of Neuroplasticity
                  2.The power of Sleep
                  3. The power of Gratitude

What you focus on, is what grows more.  “Nerves that fire together, wire together.” Use this to your advantage: Work to wire pathways that highlight the good, your strengths, your ingenuity, your beauty. There will be days you feel so many limitations and blocks; don’t dwell here. Notice them with compassion, and rest. Work to change your focus from frustration and pain to gratitude.  Some days, you may feel like there is nothing to be grateful for – but push through. Even if the only thing you can say to yourself is, “I am grateful that there is air to breathe” or “I am grateful that I have access to clean water” – these are big things. Take in the small things – a sunset, the feeling of the sun on your face. Focus on what you are grateful for, or could be grateful for, and relish in the simple things; evermore learning to appreciate the things about you (a brain!), and the world around you, that are all too easy to take for granted. 
One day, you will learn about the Carrick Institute and Dr. Amy Ayla Wolf, and forever be changed in amazing ways. Everything in it’s own time.
Take time to rest, to sit and breathe intentionally, but work intentionally to continue to push the edges of limitation you feel. There will be many times you will find the line by crossing it – this can be painful. In these times, work simply to take notice, find compassion for yourself, and make different choices next time. In time your strength, your endurance, your power, will grow. The power that lies within you is profound. Like a seed, it will continue to grow. Feed it and water it well, and you will bloom again. I will be with you the whole time.

I love you.

Sophia Bouwens

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