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Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain” 

Vivian Greene
I came across this quote every morning as it was inscribed in my coffee mug, and yet the words were devoid of meaning for me. In 2018, when I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), everything I believed defined me was taken away. In the months following my accident, I believed that if I simply located the correct medicine or therapy it would be a panacea and my life would seamlessly return to “normal.” As a result, I put many facets of my life on hold, with the mindset that I would return to them once I recovered. I failed to comprehend that recovering from a concussion takes time, dealing with migraines is a lifestyle, and that any singular cure remains elusive. The solution for me is not to wait for the storm to pass, but rather to find ways to live my life to the fullest despite my illness, and simply dance in the rain. 


 Calming My Storm is a New Jersey nonprofit organization that works to help people with concussions and migraines thrive. Our mission is to support people with concussions and migraines through expert interviews and advice, educational resources, and personal narratives. We hope to help you find ways to continue to achieve your goals and reach for your dreams on your road to recovery.

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My name is Aanya Patel, in January 2018, I sustained a non-athletic concussion. As a result, I suffer from Post-Concussion Syndrome and lasting neurological challenges. I am passionate about research and advocacy surrounding the lack of awareness around female TBI. I hope to help others in their road to recovery and healing.