Letters To My Old Brain

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Introducing a new blog series: “Letters to my old brain” 

A brain injury has the ability to instantaneously change someone’s life. 

They are forced to face a new reality with newfound limitations and pain. A life that ultimately no longer resembles the one they recall prior to their injury. At first, some will work to minimize their symptoms with the belief it will give them back their old life. Eventually, they will come to the realization that even though they have made incredible strides and improvements, they will never fully return to the person they used to be. 

How do you accept, adapt, and embrace this new normal? How do you come to love who you are becoming?

I have yet to answer these questions for myself. Through this blog post series, I hope to help myself and other TBI sufferers find clarity and understanding by learning about how others persevere, live despite their illness, and lead a life they are proud of.

  Dear Old Brain, You are powerful. You are amazing. Do not underestimate yourself. Rest. Remember to believe in three things 1.The power of Neuroplasticity                   2.The power of Sleep                   3. The power of Gratitude What you focus on, is...
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Dear TBI Survivor, You will be OK. Along this journey, you will discover how strong you really are. There will be ups and downs, there will be times you won’t know how you will get through because you can’t see the other side. Well, I’m not sure if it will be 1 year from now,...
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Dear 2017 and before. It’s me, you. I want you to hear this and listen closely. It will be okay. It will not feel like it for a very long time, you are going to lose friends and miss out on experiences. You will be in so much pain, and I will not say it’s...
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