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Interview with Cefaly’s Global Medical Director

I had the incredible opportunity to interview Dr. Mark Harman, the Global Medical Director at CEFALY. Cefaly is a migraine treatment that treats and prevents migraine attacks with virtually no side effects. Crazy, right? To some, this may sound too good to be true, or a type of placebo treatment. However, Cefaly’s technology has been...
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Interview with BraEasy

Below is our recent interview with Rachel Whittaker, founder, and CEO of BraEasy, an adaptive fashion brand that works to empowers women with disabilities by creating a bra that can be used with only one hand. What is your role at BraEasy? Inventor and business owner of BraEasy.   What is the story behind BraEasy?  When...
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Seeing the world through rose colored glass(es)

  What is your role at TheraSpecs? My name is Greg Bullock and I am the Director of Marketing at TheraSpecs. The core part of my job is to help find people who have light sensitivity, introduce them to TheraSpecs glasses, and show them how they can provide protection and relief for their symptoms.  ...
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Green Light Therapy is a GO!

1. What is your role at Norb Wellness Lighting? My name is Amber, and I’m the Business Development Manager for Norb Lighting.  Like many office workers, my typical day is spent largely indoors, in front of screens, and on calls.  I use Norb products at my desk in the office and throughout my home to...
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